Saw this quote on facebook today, and needed a good place to write it down to keep it, because this little paragraph is one of the best things I´ve read in a long time.

For context, I believe that Peter J. Leithart is a Presbyterian theologian who talks or writes or thinks a lot about other denominations, notably Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans.  This article seems to be his response to those who ask him why he doesn´t convert to another denomination.

Thanks for this pearl, Peter J. Leithart!

My main reason for staying put is theological. God is alive, and that means he surprises, and that means he frustrates the silly projections of creatures who can’t see past the horizon. Jesus will unite his church. He asked his Father to make his disciples one, and the Father won’t give his Son a stone when he asks for one loaf. But the united church won’t look like any of the products presently on the market. God is an entrepreneur who is in the business of creating new markets.

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