So this is the space for my story.  Specifically, the space for my faith journey.

Now, I know, some will stop reading here.  That´s OK.  This space is for me, and if anyone wants to follow along, you´re more than welcome.

Sometimes in random posts or thoughts I appear to be overly fascinated by denominational differences.  Again, a topic that makes many want to stab themselves in the brain.  I think those differences are fascinating.

Why?  I was raised in a Methodist/Lutheran home, went to a Lutheran university (a mixed Lutheran university–for those who are in the know about Lutherans, there are a few different factions and Valparaiso University is split pretty evenly down the middle between the two largest factions.  No end of interesting discussions) where I learned to love liturgy, and eventually became Catholic.  In between all that (mostly during those university years) I hung out in evangelical circles, joined a gospel choir and began to feel comfortable in traditionally African-American churches, and hung out with the Baptists for a year while in New Mexico.

Now, didn´t I just start off this post saying this is space for my faith journey, and yet here I am listing off all kind of religious denominations?  True, a faith journey is a personal thing, best undefined by the constraints of organized religion.  However, we´re kidding ourselves if organized religion doesn´t have a tremendous effect on our personal faith journeys.

Well, maybe it doesn´t affect some peoples´ faith journeys.  But it does mine.

So these posts may bounce between rule-laid religion and unbound spirituality.  While they´re not particularly connected, it is precisely that hide-bound religion that helps us launch discussions with others about that which is hard to express.

It also has had a tendency to launch wars and atrocities in the name of God, but that´s just taking things way too far.

I don´t claim to have all the answers (or any answer).  This is just my space to throw my thoughts around.

Feel free to join me.